Concessions and Access

Trowbridge Arts strives to ensure that its work is welcoming and accessible to all of our community. We want people from all backgrounds and abilities to feel that they can be part of what we offer.

If there is anything we can do to help you, your family or friends feel able to take part or see any of our performances or exhibitions, please get in touch and we will do what we can to meet those needs. For example if you require support with communication, physical access, or allowing time in the spaces before a performance begins.

Much of our work takes place in Trowbridge Town Hall, an historic building which is awaiting investment to bring it up to date, so not all rooms are easily accessible. Please feel free to come and see us before an event for a tour, to ensure you're confident that we can accommodate you and yours.

Discounted tickets are usually available for the following groups – check brochure and website for details of discounts offered:

  • Children under 18
  • Full time Students
  • Benefit claimants

Documented proof may be required when collecting concessions tickets (eg. orange/blue badge, proof of age, proof of benefit, student card).

Wheelchair access

Most performances are help in our ground floor courtroom theatre space, and access is available via our side entrance next to Weatherspoons public house. Ring the bell outside the main doors for access.

Some performances are held on the first floor and we have a small lift available. Please contact us if you require a wheelchair space or access, and we can advise you further.

You can arrange to visit us prior to a show to check we can accommodate your needs.

Our visual art exhibitions may be held on the first floor, ground floor or in the basement cells. We have a small lift available but the basemenet cells are not accessible to those unable to use the stairs. Again please feel free to contact us prior to your visit to discuss your access requirements.

Babes in Arms

Trowbridge Arts operates a 'Babes in Arms' policy which means that a child of 18 months or younger does not need a ticket providing they can be held by a parent/guardian.