Funding News

on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Posted in Events

Funding News

Sadly Town Hall Arts has not been successful in securing ongoing support from Arts Council England. This means that we need to find replacement core funding of a minimum of £35000 per year by the end of June 2018. If we're not successful in this we will need to close our doors at the end of July.

We are doing all we can to prevent this from being the case and are talking to lots of individuals and businesses that may want to invest in our work to ensure we can keep making a difference to the community and the regeneration of the County Town of Wiltshire.  

What you can do...

1. Please get in touch if you, your company or the company you work for would like to discuss becoming a core funder.
2. Write to the Wiltshire Times   and our MP Andrew Murrison ( about why you think Town Hall Arts is important for the town, the community and why it's important to you.
3. Support us through our Local Giving Page
4. ..and keep supporting us in all the wonderful ways that you do as visitors, ticket buyers, volunteers, artists and moral supporters.

Many thanks for your continued support.