The Mead Art Trowbridge display

on Tuesday, 20 May 2014. Posted in Events

On Wednesday 7th May, selected pupils went to the Town hall, Trowbridge, to see the Artrowbridge display and be expert tour guides!

After an excitable, enthusiastic 5-minute journey on a minibus very soon, we were at the Town Hall! A Trowbridge Arts helper, Tracy and a volunteer, Kieran, who told us what we were going to do, warmly welcomed us.
We started by being tour guides to a number of different people. First, we got special tour guide badges, which made us feel extremely important! Then they gave us a piece of paper explaining the history of different parts of the Town Hall. After that, we had a practice by going around the different places and reading them out to each other. Once we had finished our practice, we split into two groups, so that one could look at the beautiful artwork and the other did the tour. Once both groups had done the tour and seen most of the artwork (as there was loads of it), we met in the cells. This was the favourite part for everybody!
To finish it off we watched a very funny man do a demonstration of wood turning which we very much enjoyed and one of us came back with a handmade spinning top!
At the end, the minibus came to pick us up again and we had a great journey talking about the fantastic day we just had!
It was an amazing experience, which we all loved. Thank you to anyone who was involved in making sure this trip was successful!
Emily, Yr5.