International Women's Day Celebration 2018!

on Thursday, 22 February 2018. Posted in Events

West Wiltshire Multi Faith Forum in partnership with Town Hall Arts is celebrating International Women’s Day this year with a new film screening, shared lunch, weaving activity and a dance workshop.

The event will be on Saturday 10th March from 12.30 pm in Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge and will be completely free of charge. The idea is to offer the opportunity to ladies from the local community to get together to celebrate women’s  achievements, learn more about each other cultures and get encouragement to succeed in life.

We will serve lunch at 12.30 pm and the film screening will be at 2pm. We will start with the short film ‘Sofia’s Portrait’ directed by Alejandra Jiménez, followed by Women of the Silk Road, a documentary exploring four women’s lives today in Middle East and Asia along the ancient trade route, directed by Yassamin Maleknasr, the first Iranian woman filmmaker graduated from the University of Southern California in Film and Television.

Women of the Silk Road tell the stories of four women from Iran, Oman, Turkey and Tajikistan. In words of the director “It is a celebration of life, a lyrical film, that portray the independence and the economic empowerment of these women from the rural areas; the nomads, the bedew and those that go unnoticed. I believe these stories represent a different angle from the standard perception of Muslim women. Through centuries generations of women of the Silk Road have lived through their handicrafts connecting East and West but what truly connects us to one another is our commonalities; our love, our dreams, our personal stories. In these trying times of mistrust and division between the East and the West I hope that my camera shall act as a source of illumination to enlighten the hearts and minds of all peoples across the cultural divide. Maybe this film, even in a very small way, will be able to promote a better understanding between people of the world”.

Women of the Silk Road was presented in a sold-out event during Film Bath 2017 with the presence of Yassamin Maleknasr. The film was categorised as triple F-Rated, considered those directed by a woman, written by a woman and that features significant women on screen in their own right.

Sofia’s Portrait, is the most recent short documentary of Colombian-British filmmaker and Alejandra Jiménez, that presents the inspirational story of a very creative young woman who suffers Leigh Syndrome. Alejandra has supported widely the idea of community film screenings in the Town Hall since the first event in 2017.

After the films, we will serve traditional Moroccan tea and then women can join a weaving workshop delivered by Trowbridge Museum and inspired by the central topic of the film. There is also a multicultural dance workshop run by local women.

The event is suitable for women with children and crèche service will be available in the same building from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

The IWD2018 celebration is supported by West Wiltshire Multi Faith Forum, Town Hall Arts, technical support of Cinema For All, Awards For All and Seedbed.

Next monthly multicultural films screenings in Town Hall Arts for the period April, May and June will be announced soon.  

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